Katelyn is a personable and affordable, Tulsa based photographer, who works well with clients of all ages! As a landscape photographer first, Katelyn challenges herself by shooting in unique locations, ensuring that her clients have a one-of-a-kind experience!


“[Katelyn] knows her way around a camera, and is very knowledgeable and professional about photography… this was the most genuine session I have had and she was able to capture every moment as I wanted.” – Kelsey Wall

“Katelyn is very one-on-one, extremely friendly and outgoing… she constantly keeps me smiling and brings out my natural glow!” – Sidney Pruegert

“Thank you, to the amazing Katelyn, for a photoshoot with Rogue (Labrador). She was able to capture thirteen years of companionship during our final moments together.” – Lucy Danielle

“Katelyn gave a highly informative presentation on astrophotography… her Milky Way photos were wonders to behold.” – Michael Sadler, The Borrego Sun

“Katelyn is an accomplished photographer with a good knowledge of her setting in the frame.” – Wade Beane