Taken in the Osage Plains in north, central Oklahoma, this image features the Milky Way and NEOWISE comet that was visible passing through the North American atmosphere in late July, 2020. This Oklahoma location boasted incredibly dark skies, rivaling the low light pollution often associated with the deserts of the American West. With such prominent celestial bodies towering behind the Osage monument, this image pays homage to the curiosity and spirituality of the earliest Oklahomans.

While the mission system of the previous Spanish territories of California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas failed to materialize in Oklahoma, it nonetheless inspired the implementation of Spanish Revival architecture in the state. The top pair of images features a pavilion located in Tulsa’s Woodward Park in the Spanish Colonial Revival style. The bottom image accentuates the Mission Revival style at the Darlington Chapel, located in El Reno, Oklahoma.